STEP 1: Introduction to Basic Dance Steps

Start here (click the video below) if you have never participated in corporate dance for worship. In this video I cover the basic steps you will need be familiar with that are used in different combinations for all dance patterns choreographed in our dances.

Below I demonstrate TWO ADDITIONAL STEPS you need to know. 🙂


STEP 2: Learn Your First Basic Dance Here

In this video (click below) I cover the first and most basic dance pattern called “Hallelu” or “Praise,” which can be used or applied to a wide variety of contemporary Christian or Messianic worship songs.  Patterns like this are called “interchangeable patterns,” because of their versatility.

Get Started Today…

Start with STEP 1 (above) and watch the Introductory Video if you have never participated in corporate dance for worship; otherwise, simply search for your favorite songs on our Dance Videos page [or use the Search Option on the right widget bar] and watch the corresponding instructional video to learn the choreography.

Have a Specific Song Request?

No problem. I would be happy to put your song on my list of upcoming dances to choreograph. Simply email your request to me at: