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What is Dance4Worship Anyway?

Dance4Worship is a ministry that seeks to restore the art of corporate dance for worship to God's people. Corporate dance is a powerful and joyful method of full body worship and praise directed toward God. Worship itself, especially corporate worship, is one of the most powerful spiritual warfare tools we have, and corporate dance provides an orderly, full body expression of our love for God and the joy of our salvation in Christ.

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The Joy of Dance4Worship

If you have never experienced the joy, power, and presence of God that is manifest in the art of corporate dance for worship, I encourage you to jump in and give it a try. Whether you are dancing alone or in the corporate body, your body and soul will thank you for stepping out in this expressive and powerful form of worship as you experience the joy and intimacy with God that it brings. You do not have to have professional dance skills. All you need is a heart to worship the King! We keep most of the dances at a basic level so that they can be used in large corporate worship settings with individuals who have little to no prior dance experience. Everyone can quickly learn as they jump in and follow along. Keeping the dances simple not only makes for an orderly worship experience, but allows one to focus most of their attention on the act of worship itself. However, we will from time to time post more advanced dances for those with greater dance experience, and for those looking for performance dances to incorporate into or enhance other kinds of community events.


Dr. Anderson offers help in a variety of areas providing (1) dance instruction and support online, (2) dance workshops and/or classes, (3) conference dance support, (4) dance program development for your church or congregation, and/or (5) training dance leaders who can then lead corporate worship at your church. Whatever your dance training needs, Dr. Anderson is here to help you in any way she can.

Since Dr. Anderson is also a Bible teacher, writer, and speaker, she is able to incorporate those additional skills and abilities into the training or for workshops and conferences as desired or needed.

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Dr. Anderson has been married to her husband Chris since they graduated high school, and the couple has two beautiful daughters. She holds a Master of Divinity, graduating Summa Cum Laude, from Liberty University, and a Doctor of Ministry with an emphasis in Exegesis from Knox Theological Seminary.

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